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What’s your Christmas plan?


As cliché as this saying may feel, no truer word can be spoken. Especially in relation to things like reducing alcohol intake or Becoming Teetotal.

Alcohol is so ingrained within our culture, especially in respect of social occasions and holidays such as Christmas.

This can make for a challenging and/or scary time if you have decided you want to reduce your alcohol intake or Become Teetotal.

But, there is something you can do to make this period easier to get through without slipping back into old habits.

Sit down and think about what will help you stick to your goal this Christmas.

If reducing your alcohol intake is your goal, are you going to allow yourself anything to drink this Christmas?

If so, how much? Set a limit on it and then you can work to stick to it.

If you are Teetotal, how are you going to manage in situations where others around you are drinking?

  • Do you need to create a space that is alcohol-free? If this is new to you or you think you will find it too difficult not to drink when alcohol is around, this might be the best option for you.

  • Do you want to have a list of alcohol-free beverages for yourself and friends/family to have so that you and they know what you will be drinking during social occasions so that you don’t mistakenly get served alcohol?

I cannot recommend more highly opening up to friends and family to let them know you are not drinking or are drinking less this Christmas.

It will help you make the right choices and stick to your goal.

If you let people know, you relieve the pressure on yourself to drink when they are.

You could see if one of your closest friends or family would act as an accountability buddy for you. An accountability buddy, or two or three!, is a great way to stick to your plan when things get tricky. The way the human mind works means that sometimes rational thought is not enough alone to beat things like unhealthy drinking habits.

Set up times and days over Christmas with your buddy/buddies where you will check in and be accountable to them for sticking to your plan and goal.

Remember, if you don’t stick to your plan this Christmas do not beat yourself up. We are all human.

It matters more that you learn from the experience.

Write down what led to you drinking and what you think you could do to mitigate such a situation in the future.

If we learn from our mistakes we can move forward very positively.

I recommend thinking about…

  1. What it will feel like if you make it through Christmas sticking to your goal

  2. What it will feel like if you revert to old drinking patterns this Christmas

Thought 2 should conjure up unhappy emotions and a feeling of being defeated and deflated.

Thought 1 should conjure up happy and relieved emotions.

If you hit a fork in the road and alcohol seems appealing, draw upon these two thoughts.

Which one would you prefer to feel?

If thought number 2 is winning, message or call an accountability buddy. If they are unable to respond right away (which you have to be prepared for), you can also try using a national helpline.

One that I used to help me in the past was Samaritans. They were super friendly and helped me through a couple of my sticking points when I was on my own:


Call FREE 116 123

Most of all remember YOU CAN DO THIS!

Merry Christmas to you all

I ask all readers to be respectful. This is an honest and heart-felt account of the struggle I incurred.

I thank you in advance for your respect and kindness and I encourage you to sign up to my mailing list so I can notify you about new blog updates.

If you are struggling with how much alcohol you are consuming or if you would like to talk further on the subject please get in touch. Your conversations with me will remain confidential. Please note that I am not a therapist but I can support you to find a way to address any issues you may be having with alcohol.

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