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Day 9 – Be a Rainbow in Somebody Else’s Cloud

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Another Secret Toad from Ugly Toad Designs and I have no idea who my secret sender is?!

Thank you so much whoever you are! 🙏

One quote I have always loved is from Maya Angelou who was an American poet and civil rights activist.

Be a Rainbow in Somebody Else’s Cloud

Maya Angelou

This card reminded me of that quote.

I love it! I feel very blessed to have some wonderful people in my life at the moment. Thank you for being a rainbow in my cloud 🌈

Although it’s not super rainy weather wise, emotionally it’s still a bit up and down.

I got triggered again last night and so today I am suffering with the PTSD feeling. It’s so constant and so frustrating. It feels uncomfortable 24/7! I had to use guided meditation several times in the night last night to be able to keep getting back off to sleep. And unfortunately it didn’t ease the feeling completely and hence I am left with it today wondering whether it will go with more meditation tonight or not. (You can read more about this feeling in the Mental Wellbeing and Alcohol Blog)

I think it’s really important to be kind towards others. This includes reserving judgemental thoughts that might cross our minds. We never really know what’s going on for anyone.

We also need to create spaces where it’s ok to speak out when we don’t feel good.

I feel that despite ever-growing awareness of mental health in the media we are still quite scared of it. It still has such a negative stigma attached.

I often feel that people can feel uncomfortable when you open up and are completely honest. I don’t know if people worry that they need to do more. More often than not all that’s needed is a compassionate listening ear and to know that someone cares ❤

I think one message in the mental health narrative that needs to be spoken louder is that it’s ok not to know how to help someone, just being there is more often than not enough.

Don’t be scared if others open up their emotions to you.

Emotions are a normal and healthy part of human life.

We could all do with embracing our emotions more fully in order to understand them, be comfortable with them and process them so that we don’t consciously or unconsciously harm others with our unprocessed emotional hurt.

A conversation with a good male friend today really struck me. He had attended a workplace mental health seminar where the speaker dropped this bombshell:

'Big boys don’t cry' should be changed to 'Big boys would rather die than cry.'

As abstract as this may sound, UK statistics on suicide show that approximately 75% of all suicide deaths are men.

That’s a staggering statistic.

In this mental health conversation we need to be comfortable allowing men in our lives the space to freely talk about their emotions.

In my opinion it takes a far stronger man to open up and share his emotions.

But it requires society not to belittle him for doing so in order that other men feel equally as strong to follow suit.

If we belittle one man for opening up, we may have sealed the tragic fate of another man in our lives.

Emotions are human. They are normal. In fact, more aptly, humans are emotional. And emotions do not have a gender – i.e. men feel the same emotions women do yet they are more discouraged from showing much of them.

We should all be made to feel comfortable to speak out and say when things are not ok.

I have been very lucky to have received a lot of support and love through being able to speak out in my time of distress.

I realise I am lucky to have the resilience to be able to speak so publicly. I know it doesn't come as easy to others.

I hope that as time goes on more people feel they can speak out and receive such support from their social circles.

Who can you send a little sunshine to this week?

Can you be a rainbow in somebody else's cloud?

Thank you to the rainbow in my cloud for this little surprise 🙏🌈❤

Much love to all xx

And the thing to do it seems to me is to prepare yourself so that you can be a rainbow in somebody else’s cloud. Somebody who may not look like you. May not call god the same name you call god, if they call god at all. You see, I may not eat the same dishes prepared the way you do. May not dance your dances, or speak your language. But be a blessing to somebody. That’s what I think.

Maya Angelou

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Tuesday Night

Things that were awesome today:

After having some disappointing rows recently, I was really pleased with today’s indoor rowing session 😀

Wednesday Morning

Things that I am grateful for:

I am so grateful for the guided mediations I have discovered. Although they didn’t relieve the PTSD feeling overnight, they did allow me to get back to sleep each time I woke.

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