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Day 5 – Spring has Sprung!

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These are flowers from my mum’s garden and this is a photo she took of them. I love spring, it’s always been one of my favourite times of the year. My mum’s garden used to have a cherry blossom tree that bloomed every spring with beautiful pink flowers.

When I see a cherry blossom tree now it always reminds me of my mum’s garden in Spring 😊

Nature has a profound effect on the mind. Studies have shown that spending time in nature and appreciating nature helps improve mood as well as physical health.

I’ve always maintained that there are so many simple things in life that if we appreciate the small things like the sun shining, the plants flowering the birds singing we can enjoy more of life because these things are all around us.

I realise this may come across as cheesy or corny, but I believe that if we put time and effort into cultivating a positive mindset we can achieve it. We have to work on it daily in the same way that if we want to get strong we must spend time training our muscles in the gym.

If we want to live a full and happy life we must work through difficult emotions and practice appreciation, gratitude and positive thinking.

We all have our struggles. We don’t reach adulthood without having emotional baggage.

But if we train our mind we can find an inner joy and peace we never knew existed ❤

Day 5 - 365 Day Journal


Friday Night

Things that were awesome today:

I really enjoyed taking the Women’s Only class and can’t wait to put on more group sessions soon.

Things I could have done better today:

I should have planned my day better so that my rowing session was not so late at night.

Saturday Morning

Things that I am grateful for:

😀Spring! I love the new beginning of this season where plants begin to flower and more wildlife comes into being.

😀Saturday afternoon rest time – I enjoy getting some down time to myself on a Saturday

Health Dashboard

Caffeine, Alcohol & Alcohol Free Beverages



Low Intensity

Indoor Row

High Intensity


Strength & Mobility

Squat session plus Mobility & Foam Rolling

Veggies & Fruit








Red cabbage





Meditation & Mindfulness

Morning – Guided meditation

Before bed – Guided meditation

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