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Day 4 - Happy Friday!

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This is one of my favourite activities in one of my favourite places I’ve visited on Earth so far.

I used to snowboard a lot! I was also a part-time snowboard instructor and freestyle coach. Snowboarding still lights me up inside although I don’t get to go away as much as I used to due to other life priorities.

It’s good to know the things in life that make you happy and ensure you seek them out when you can.

We are all responsible for our own happiness. That doesn’t mean if you wake up feeling emotionally low on a given day you can flick a switch and just be happy. Quite the contrary. The path to happiness includes recognising, accepting and processing all emotions, especially the difficult ones.

This time last week I was in a very emotional state. Certain topics in the news compounded emotions around events in my own life and left me feeling very upset.

I had a very good support network around me and was able to process these emotions with more than one person throughout the week. Being able to talk things through in a useful, safe and supportive environment is really helpful. It’s important that we choose positive and useful support networks rather than just discussing things in a throw away or negative manner to vent without a positive forward direction.

I am pleased to say I feel in a very different head space this week after having such great support around me last week.

Mindset is key to achieving in life. I am a believer that the mind plays a part in all unhealthy behaviours. If we never work on our mind, we will never beat the behaviours that trouble us.

If you want to work with someone using fitness as one of the tools to help explore and develop your own mindset for success and happiness in life, get in touch.

Day 4 - 365 Day Journal


Thursday Night

Things that were awesome today:

I had a very lovely walk with a friend today and it was lovely to be able to have a hot drink and a sit down now that lockdown restrictions permit.

Friday Morning

Things that I am grateful for:

😀The way I am able to protect myself and my ability to bounce back

😀Amazing people in my life who are positive and supportive

😀The opportunity to hold the women’s only session this evening – I am looking forward to welcoming those who have signed up

Health Dashboard

Caffeine, Alcohol & Alcohol Free Beverages



Low Intensity

Bike Ride, Walk and Run

High Intensity

Indoor Rowing

Strength & Mobility

Rest Day

Veggies & Fruit







Red cabbage





Pak choi

Meditation & Mindfulness

Morning – Guided meditation

Before bed – Guided meditation

I ask all readers to be respectful. This is an honest and heart-felt account of the struggle I have and do incur.

I thank you in advance for your respect and kindness and I encourage you to sign up to my mailing list so I can notify you about new blog updates.

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