During the COVID-19 Pandemic I am offering a FREE Online Employee Wellbeing Talk on alcohol.

This isn't a talk to tell you not to drink alcohol, but rather to explain a little more about the dangers of alcohol so that you can make an informed choice about your alcohol consumption. I use my own personal story of alcohol addiction to bring to life the risks associated with consuming alcohol in the hope of educating others so that they don't come unstuck like I did.

To hear me speak on the subject, please see the appearances section.

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That was incredible Val, thank you so much for sharing your story.

Thanks Val, really interesting and thank you for sharing your experience.

Thanks Val, this has opened my eyes and I will be doing more research in this subject.

Val ran two hour-long sessions– Alcohol Awareness and Fitness, Nutrition & Mindset - for the Risk Community’s Wellbeing programme
Val is a skilled and enthusiastic presenter and this is backed up by her extensive knowledge, qualifications and years of practical experience. The groups appreciated her honesty and willingness to share her knowledge and personal experiences.  Val also understands that whilst many of us understand what we should be doing putting it into practice in real life can be more tricky!  Val answered all our questions, including following them up in writing afterwards, and sent us away inspired to do more to look after our own wellbeing – which is even more important in these challenging times. Thanks Val – and if any of you are thinking of inviting her to run a session for you – I would say ‘Do it!’.
Sarah Garrett

Head of Regulatory Relations, Nationwide Building Society